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Manufacturer/Distributor:??Novolet Novo Nordisk/Transcom??

Side effects:
??Local reactions and lipo-atrophy at the site of injection; overdose causes hypoglycaemia (signs are vomiting specially in children, palpitation, trembling, sweating, tingling in the hands or lip, pallor, impaired visioin, listlessness, confusion and dizzi??
Precautions and warnings:??Dosages require proper adjustment druing infections, pregnancy, emotional distress, change in species of origin, type or purity of insulin. Besides insulin requirements may increase during concomitant therapy with thyroxine, corticosteroids & MAOI???s may e

Pregnancy category:Not categorized yet


Therapeutic class:??Insulin prepns

Dosage and administrations:??Adult & Child: By s.c, i.m or i. v injection. Dosage according to individual requirments & initially be determined by the physician. There is no fixed rules for insulin dosage, adjustment in dosages is needed to achieve and maintain desired blood glucose

Indication:??1 . In all cases of Insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus (100M) 2. In Non-Insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) whenever good control with diet and oral hypoglycemic agent is no longer attainable (e.g. secondary failure with sulphonylurea therapy). 3

Composition action:??Hypoglycaemia. Hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients.

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