pharmacy council of bangladesh

Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh (PCB)

The Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh (PCB) is under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It was established in 1976.

For more information please visit the PCB official website.

Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh
Rahat Tower (4th Floor)
14 Link Road, West Banglamotor
Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +88-02-9632741, 8621821, 8621822
Fax: +88-02-9676600

pharmacy council of bangladesh

PCB can be considered as the controlling authority of pharmacy education and practice. Recently, 8 pharmacists are working in PCB with an advanced level of performance. The pharmacists working in this field ensure the highest standard of quality required for pharmacy training and practice in different academia.

The Main objective of the Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh is to regulate the practice of Pharmacy throughout Bangladesh. In addition to this the pharmacy council performs the following activities:

1. Approve examinations in pharmacy for the purpose of qualifying persons for registration as pharmacists;
2. Prescribe the subjects in which approve examinations shall be held;
3. Approve the course of study and practical training in pharmacy for the purpose of admission to approval examinations;
4. Prescribe the condition and procedure for admission of candidates to an approved examination;
5. To lay down the standard of teaching to be maintained by the institutions conducting the approved courses of study;
6. Prescribe the types of equipment and facilities to be made available to the students;
7. To recognize degree or diploma in pharmacy for the purpose of registration as a pharmacist;
8. Undertake inspections of institutions which conduct any course of study in pharmacy and of the teaching imparted and examinations held by them;
9. Prepare and maintain registers of pharmacists and apprentices in pharmacy;
10. To register pharmacists and grant certificates of registration;
11. Hold examinations for the purpose of registration as pharmacists; and
12. Undertake such other activities as it may be empowered or required to do by the council under this ordinance.


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